Being an intimidating woman

Sometimes it seems like no amount of silent prayer or aggressive cleavage will get that cute stranger to take a hint and chat you up.Could you be scaring away men before they even approach you?As a female, one of the most uncomfortable feelings is pressure or intimidation by other females.Even as young adults, women tend to flock together in cliques all with different personality traits and physical appearances.The majority of Answerology men agreed that an unfriendly facial expression will keep them from approaching you, so flash those pearly whites at the guy you've been eyeing!

Thinking I am not pretty enough, or as successful, and in most cases as liked or popular as them. That way, those intimidating people will understand what you say, If they try to put you down, stand up straight and let them know they can't rule your life and they are not any better than you or anyone else.

Intimidation is the dirty little secret that A LOT of women struggle with and have a hard time admitting it to others.

The main reason women suffer an unsettling feeling when around other women is because they don't feel comfortable in their our own skin.

Intimidation is a form of emotional abuse of others.

Whether someone is using their wealth, beauty, or authority to get you to do things or just to torment you it can make life very unpleasant. Here are my top 5 tips to stop feeling intimidation from other women: #1) Stop feeling like they have something you do not.

Work on your confidence instead so that no one can make you feel less of a person. When you ignore or avoid situations where you become intimidated you are simply reinforcing your fears and limiting beliefs.

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Being an intimidating woman introduction

Being an intimidating woman

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