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Dating dilema

It seems to me as though, strangely enough, you and she are actually in a rather similar position.Take some strength from this and try to put yourself in her shoes; do you think you could make a go of it with someone new if you were always thinking your old love?

She starts seeing you, but, because she hasn’t seen her old boyfriend for a few months, he suddenly becomes, in her memory, a lot more of an attractive proposition. Now, believe me, you don’t do that to someone you’re not fond of.They interrogate you in separate rooms and offer you a deal. This “prisoner’s dilemma” is a classic psychology game used to study how collaboration evolves in animal societies.Now, a pair of mathematicians have identified a new way of playing the game that allows a player to do significantly better than their opponent.So essentially, the best strategy is to collaborate.Now, William Press at the University of Texas at Austin says he has uncovered a strategy to win that is not collaborative.

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Dating dilema introduction

Dating dilema

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