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"All the great problems of the ~wbrld will have to be faced and solved by the children in our schools today," he concluded. Plans grew out of the recent Dairy Day discussions on methods of constructing a concrete silo.

"We cannot 'fail them — or ourselves— now, when they need the training for the leadership they will have to assume." Neosho's high school band and chorus entertained at the ceremonies. Committees Formed To Plan Celebration Committees were formed at a meeting of civic delegations in Joplin on Friday to work out the details of a celebration at the George Washington Carver National Monument, two miles west of Diamond, in early July. Re-usoablc forms, provided by the Nrosho Chamber of Commerce, | will be used in the pouring of the concrete.

We've all seen those adorable little brown dogs with the flat face, wrinkly fur, and curly little tail.

We see them in popular movies, like the Men In Black series, as well as in every breeding magazine or animal store in the country. Though they are just now becoming exceedingly popular in the United States they have a long and noble history dating back all the way to the country of China where thousands of years ago pugs in Neosho Missouri first started to make a name for themselves.

Harvey kept his prom'se, Roetteo said, and drove to the garage and got out of his car and started walking toward the garage. Described by police as a "very big man," the irate husband was shot twice. First To Be Vaccinated First Polio Inoculation In County Administered Today WIND BRINGS WILD CANARIES TO CITY The strong winds Sunday- were carrying more than dust. Whon, they tried to rise 'into the air, she reported they were were blown end over end Mrs Matthews said the birds were of several different colors and quite beautiful "1 was quite willing to have them stay," she said, "but as soon as the wind died down, they left." Jaycee Spring Festival Begins 6-Night Stand At Fair Grounds Here The Jaycee Spring Festival begins a six - night stand at the Fair Grounds tonight. Former Neosho School Superintendent Visits Here A former...jyepjlip school superintendent looks At a reporter's history book and recalls many names. Graduated from cadet training as a pilot in December, 1943, Mitchell was sent overseas in early 1944 and served as a Troop Carrier Pilot in North Africa, France, Corsica, Sicily and Sardinia. Vilcs said yesterday as he relaxed in a Neosho hotel lobby. "Many of your business men went to school to me," he smiled. Viles explained his reason for not giving local references. ons club has selected Geraldine Teagarden, daughter of Mr. Officers quoted Roetteo as saying he immediately went home and returned with two guns, one a 12- gauge shotgun. Apparently the wind was so strong it had forced the tiny birds to land in that vicinity. Any person desiring to contribute to this fund may do so by sending his gift to either Mrs Virgil Burch, treasurer, or The Methodist Church. They drove to the "old home place" and visited an 81 - year - old aunt, Trances Seterstrom, in Seneca. He, also, came from Tennessee, Loren Mitchell Is Operations Officer Of Flight Center Maj. Mitchell, Neosho, recently assumed duties as operations officer of the Lowry Air ''orce Base Flight Service Center at Denver. Dan Mc Donald, Monett police chief, said Harvey' was shot as he walked toward Roetteo after threatening to "get him" for dating Harvey's w'.fe, Mrs. ' Roetteo said Harvey told him he was going to come to the garage where Roetleo was working "to get him" for dating his wife. Matthews of 613 Oak Ridge Drive reports a sudden invasion Sunday morning of score of wild canaries in her back yard. The Lamson Class of The Methodist Church has started a Memorial Fund To Jimmie Lee Showalter, killed in a Navy Plane crash on April 17. His wife went to school at "Possum Trot," now called Pleasant Valley on Hickory Creek, : . The eldest of his two sons, Grayson, came down from Kansas City and met him here. Her grandfather, during the Civil War, was hanged to a tree there.

They will pass through many of Continued on Page Seven Murder Charge Filed Against Moneft Man, 31 Accused Of Shooting Down Irate Husband On Street Yesterday Bill Roetteo, 31 • year - old Mb- nett man, today was charged with first degree murder in the slaying yesterday of Lyle F. Barry county prosecutor Bill Pinnell, who filed the charges at Cassvillc, says Roetteo has admitted shooting down Harvey on a Monett street, although he has not siened a formal statement. Police said Roetteo telephoned the Harvey home late Saturday and Harvey, a truck driver, answered. A copy of the rules of the contest and a description of the prizes will be mailed to you. stopped to vjsit friends Jn Neosho end "the old borne place" J»t Frog Pond. Mr Vilcs, a conservative man so far as praising himself, received his bachelor's degree at the Missouri university lie received his waster*' there, too And even though he attended the Peabdy college in Nashville, Tcmv, and the Columbia University In New York City, he received a PHP degree in Columbia, Mo, "J just stopped by Neosho between meetings at St. He said he had a little business with liob Auderwwi aud-Carsoo Bajr Jow. She lived in the Pleasant Valley community o n Hickory creek southeast of Neosho. A huge brick building more than a century old with three fireplaces still marks the spot.

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Dating today in neosho missouri

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