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Delta and seal dating

” The second question was by the ones who were in the know as well as the entire US Army Special Operations Command – “WTF the SEALs?? The UBL operation and the choice of the unit lead to the topic of “What is the difference between Delta and ST6? 100% of civilians and 99% of the military will tell you there is no difference and that they are identical.

For those who served in the JSOC task forces overseas will all tell you that the case is just not so.

I even heard the mention of “Task Force Blue” on CNN. As the days after settled down, the internet/blogging community kept asking the same two questions.

The first question from those not in “the know” was simply – “Who is SEAL Team 6?? blah blah.” To be honest I was one of those asking the second question.

Culturally, Delta’s composition naturally leads it to be its own distinct unit completely separate from others.

And on that same side; ST6 because of its composition and culture will always be “another SEAL team” with different capabilities and responsibilities, regardless of its other fancy name: DEVGRU.

With the death of Usama bin Laden last year at the hands of some secret squirrel frogmen in Pakistan, there came a nation wide interest as to who killed UBL.

“Navy SEALs” was released to the public whether via the White House or the Department of Defense.

The Review portion consists of the SEAL submitting his application for entrance to Team 6.

I personally think ST6 is a little more one-sided then Delta because the incredibly majority of its members all grew up on the Teams doing the same missions and undertaking the same training.

Just as SF and the Rangers are vastly different from each other, so are the SEALs from both those units as well.

The team that I worked with in Iraq had a ST6 sniper attached to them.

He defended an Iraqi police station from being overrun by insurgents during the Battle of Mosul in 2004 from a hotel rooftop. In a place like Iraq where most of the combat was conducted in urban and close quarters environments, you really can’t tell the difference between a Delta operation verses a ST6 operation. Many times during an assault against an objective in the rugged mountains of Afghanistan a simple clandestine HVT snatch and grab operation can turn into a major ambush.

I don’t have any concrete information if any are on the team.

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Delta and seal dating introduction

Delta and seal dating

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