Erin burnett dating jim cramer

Wall Street is largely about entering trades and adding up gains and losses.

It's exciting how much money can be made, of that there is no doubt.

the most famous adultress in the history of private jet aviation—weighs in today on the presidential election, telling Page Six that if Obama's elected, "He's going to take the capital gains tax at 15 percent right now all the way up to 25 to 28 percent." Just think of how much Obama will cost Maria and hubby Jon Steinberg when they finally divorce and they have to sell the East 62nd Street townhouse they bought for .5 million last year! It's reminiscent of CNBC Money Honey Maria Bartiromo's purported canoodling with Citigroup exec Todd Thompson.

This raises an important issue: why do all the rich business guys go for the CNBC women?

Business is largely about counting shekels and adding them up and moving them from one pile to another.And it's all a torrent of young women, and they're all gorgeous, and I'm thinking, Why? When I finished with my appearances on Fox, I hightailed it back to my hotel room, and who should be waiting there to interview me but the one and only original money honey, the one who put the whole concept on the map, Maria Bartiromo of CNBC.She has been around a few years now, and she has seen her share of controversy lately."Since she was all over the papers in January 2007 with her boyfriend Todd Thomson..... Your gawker stalker would be doing me a favor if he sees Maria with anyone other than Jonathan......would be news. Weekend Edition, Karen Richardson has a wonderful story about World's Second Richest Person Warren Buffet — he's a bit like John the Baptist to Bill Gate's Jesus — and how he's cutely put out an A. Remember CNBC SAYS MARIA HAS DONE NOTHING WRONG." Okay, a little incoherent, but not glaringly!

So why have some drooling old geezer on the tube when you can have someone who makes you drool? The boring but powerful truth is that the way for you, a regular guy, to make money is by consistently buying index funds here and abroad in good times and bad, month in and month out. Having a stunner tell you the latest gossip--totally meaningless for the investment future of 99 percent of us--that's showbiz.

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Erin burnett dating jim cramer introduction

Erin burnett dating jim cramer

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