Intimidating shout glyph

Intimidating shout incapacitates the main target and fears the others.

Incapacitates break on any damage immediately, unlike fears.

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Minor glyphs give convenient or cosmetic improvements, such as reducing a spell's cost or removing the need for a spell's reagent.

Warlocks can't glyph their fear to not be broken by their own damage (at least afaik, i havent looked into it). Shout isn't designed to let you dump damage on someone.

It's generally a buy some time to cap or emergency situation button.

It is like smart boomkins glyphing for Starfall in PVE. Same concept, you don't want to use Intim Shout in an expansion that provides you to CC from tanks taking too much damage and healers not having the regen to mindless spam heals.

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Intimidating shout glyph introduction

Intimidating shout glyph

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