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Invention of radiocarbon dating

There are two sources of uncertainty in radiocarbon ages.

First, there is unavoidable imprecision in the laboratory-calculated age.

Similarly, certain rocks may have incorporated older “argon-rich” material during formation.

Some landslides can be dated indirectly, using plant material contained within sediments deposited in an upstream lake impounded behind the debris dam or within outburst flood sediments deposited when the dam is breached by overflow.

Similar errors result from modern argon being absorbed on to the surface and interior of the sample, thereby invalidating the second assumption.

Fortunately, atmospheric argon contamination can be assessed by measurement of the different isotopes of argon present.

Thus, the method is used for dating volcanic rocks that contain no argon after the molten lava has cooled, thereby setting the isotopic “clock” to zero.

With the passage of time, K, the production of argon is extremely slow.

As such, there is no certainty that the organism was killed by the landslide, which is the conceptual assumption many researchers make when interpreting radiocarbon ages on such fossils.

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Radioactivity also gave the history of life an absolute calendar. By measuring the atoms produced by these breakdowns inside rocks, physicists were able to estimate their ages right. And by comparing the ratios of those atoms to atoms from meteorites, they could estimate how long ago it was that the Earth formed along. 
11-Jul-2018 21:10
Willard Libby's invention of the radiocarbon dating method revolutionized the fields of archeology and Quaternary geology because it brought into being a means to correlate events that occurred during the past 3.5×104 years on a planet-wide scale Libby et al. 1949. This contribution was recognized with the award of the. 
11-Jul-2018 21:14

Invention of radiocarbon dating introduction

Invention of radiocarbon dating

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