Northwestern speed dating study

So lots of students wanted to do their part for research and science? Kian Hudson said traditional dating is hard to find at Northwestern because too many people just want to hook up.We've all heard the adage: Men want a beautiful partner, while women want a guy who can bring home the bacon. In the new issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Northwestern University social psychologists Eli Finkel and Paul Eastwick report that both genders initially place the greatest value on physical attractiveness, followed by personality and then earning potential.To find out more about how we choose our mates and dates, Finkel and Eastwick invited 163 undergraduate college students to a two-hour speed-dating event.Eastwick: Men and women haven't sat down and looked at all the available evidence on all the people they've been attracted to over the course of their lives and come up with a comprehensive answer.People have theories, and those theories guide us, but they might not always be correct.Physical attractiveness tends to inspire desire a lot.Earning prospects tend to inspire desire a moderate amount [for both men and women].

It's that they matter equally strongly for men and women. Finkel: It might be that men and women don't differ in how much looks matter in initial attraction.

The other dating adage is that attractive people get extra benefits in life and may just marry other attractive people, who earn more money. Eastwick: Attractive women are marrying attractive husbands, and attractive people make more money because attractive people get more of everything in life.

Did you actually get some love matches in the course of your study? I don't know if any of those couples are still around today.

Although the disparity of the male-to-female ratio at Northwestern is relatively small, there are more women on campus.

In the most recent available data set, which was collected for the 2008-09 academic year, NU had 3,938 male undergraduate students to 4,335 female.

So when we're asked what is it we desire, we say, I'm a man—I'm more interested in beauty.

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Northwestern speed dating study introduction

Northwestern speed dating study