Orcad updating all instances

It must not be shutdown abnormally using SHUTDOWN ABORT. Change locations to the directory where your trace files are located.

They are usually in the "$ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/log" directory.

S Jan 18 ora_pmon_ora9i UTF ora806 13901 0.0 1.03324014080 ?

S Feb 26 ora_pmon_ora806 oracle9i 17941 0.0 24.6413528372528 ?

Changing the "db_name" for a Database: ====================================== 1.

S Feb 01 ora_pmon_ora817dev ora815 25424 0.0 2.99008043712 ?TO: CREATE CONTROLFILE set DATABASE "newdbname" RESETLOGS ...FROM: # Recovery is required if any of the datafiles are restored backups, # or if the last shutdown was not normal or immediate. Rename the old control files for backup purposes and so that they do not exist when creating the new ones. Edit the "init @ccf This will issue a startup nomount, and then recreate the controlfile.Relational Model is about normalisation; or to put it simply, no redundant data. This is actually a GREAT example of a relational model. You are trying to update the primary key (a BIG NO NO in relational databases) and have to do the "on update cascade".So, if you use even a SINGLE foreign key -- you have the same issue.

If "user_dump_dest" is set in the "init.ora" file, then go to the directory listed in the "user_dump_dest" variable.

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Orcad updating all instances introduction

Orcad updating all instances

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