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Cell culture is a critical tool in our field, but care must be taken in the process of cell isolation and maintenance. doi: 10.1093/jnen/64.6.479 Pub Med Abstract | Cross Ref Full Text | Google Scholar Oliver Maddocks, D., Christiaan Labuschagne, F., Peter Adams, D., and Karen Vousden, H. Serine metabolism supports the methionine cycle and DNA/RNA methylation through de novo ATP synthesis in cancer cells.

For example: AMPK signaling links catabolism with cell cycle progression; m TOR signaling contributes to metabolic flexibility and cancer cell survival; the electron transport chain produces ATP and reactive oxygen species (ROS) which act as signaling molecules; Hypoxia Inducible Factors (HIFs) mediate interactions with cells and vasculature within the tumor environment. doi: 10.1073/pnas.0711281105 Pub Med Abstract | Cross Ref Full Text | Google Scholar Pike Winer, L.

This review aims to comprehensively summarize the current state of knowledge regarding glioma cell metabolism, as well as the open questions in this fast-moving field. doi: 10.1038/bjc.1996.446 Pub Med Abstract | Cross Ref Full Text | Google Scholar Ozcan, E., and Cakir, T. Reconstructed metabolic network models predict flux-level metabolic reprogramming in glioblastoma.

The field of cancer cell metabolism has exploded in the past ten years, but why now?

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Recently, it has become appreciated that classical model systems for studying malignant glioma may not perfectly reproduce the biochemistry or physiology of human tumors. High glycolysis in gliomas despite low hexokinase transcription and activity correlated to chromosome 10 loss.

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Rabi cam4

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