Realmlist updating failed wow

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I've checked other forums to try to fix this issue, but I have had no luck.

I'm torn between going for a gaming laptop or a desktop.

I don't have much desk space so a laptop sounds more attractive, I also like how I just need to buy a standalone unit, but i've heard that I will get better specs in a desktop for less?

So it looks like I could get similar specs on a laptop for the same price, though I imagine the performance would be inherently worse on a laptop?

Does these specs sound appropriate for what I need or am I way off? Blizzard Authenticator App stuck on 'Setting Up' When I log on to the Blizzard Authenticator App, it gets stuck on the 'Setting Up' screen.

As it says above, the game launcher keeps sending me to the US version of the site and store, which I cannot use since I my account is EU-based.

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Downloading WoW realmlist file? When updating to a new patch, my file seems to have been deleted, and. Upload failed. 
29-Jul-2018 11:50
Realmlist set realmlist logon. Dalaran-WoW Installation guide no torrent self. DalaranWoW submitted 2 years ago * by Cover25. then tells me the patch failed. 
29-Jul-2018 11:55
Best Answer Go to your main wow folder and in there you will find a file called "Realmlist". Open it with notepad and delete "set patchlist eu.version. 
29-Jul-2018 12:00
Realmlist. set realmlist wow.set patchlist localhost. XP, Drop, Gold Rate. Blizzlike. Patch. 3.3.5a. Realmlist. set realmlist wow. Další. 
29-Jul-2018 12:04
Assertion Failed / Updating. I changed the realmlist and opened the game with the wow app. '' Assertion Failed ! ''. 
29-Jul-2018 12:07
Stuck at connected / infinite loop / login issues. can stay the same if Trinity is being installed on the same computer that you run WoW on. Updating Auth. 
29-Jul-2018 12:10

Realmlist updating failed wow introduction

Realmlist updating failed wow

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