Tips on dating a pothead

If I am itching for weed, my mind is elsewhere and I may space out and not pay attention to the other half of the conversation. Social Anxiety and Paranoia: When I am in public and stoned, I think I hear people talking about me and laughing at me sometimes.Even though I know this not to be the case, I get quite anxious and embarrassed.I struggle to make eye contact with people when I am baked, and am more likely to introvert myself and my thoughts, body language, and actions.I would never go and chat up a group of girls while stoned – I could do it sober far more easily.

Even though you are cool and suave and funny and endearing, you don’t know what the fuck you are doing anymore.The Negative Effects of Marijuana on my Relationships: Friendships: Most of the people I associate are stoners, or smoke pot sometimes.Because so much of my life is lived whilst stoned, it is easiest to associate with people that enable me to get high.I also do not like to commit to any regular or scheduled activity, because it may interfere with my ability to smoke pot and get high.Girlfriends: I went through a period of hiding the fact that I smoked weed from my girlfriends. Every relationship I have had or attempted has been negatively affected by my smoking.

Conversation: I consider myself to be a well-spoken articulate person – when sober.

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Tips on dating a pothead introduction

Tips on dating a pothead

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