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British outrage over the uninvited arrival of a Russian diplomatic envoy in Kabul in 1878 resulted in the Second Anglo-Afghan War.Again the British were able to occupy all of the major cities, but unlike the last time, the British got wind of an impending rebellion against their occupation, and brutally crushed it in a pre-emptive move.It is one of the most war-torn, most ravaged, and most beleaguered of nations.It is a nation that has been beset by invasion, external pressure and internal upheaval since before the time of Alexander the Great.Imperialists often give such trivial, and even humorous, sounding names to their interventionist schemes, but dont be fooled into thinking that the peoples of the region experienced the consequences of these actions in a manner that they in any way would have interpreted as a game. The arrival of European imperialism into the region simply accelerated, and made more devastating, the wars, poverty and material destruction that had already wracked the region.

Ahmad was able to unify the different Afghan tribes, and went on to conquer considerable parts of what are today eastern Iran, Pakistan, northern India and Uzbekistan.Prior to that the nation had been ruled by various Persian, Greek, Sassasian and Central Asian empires.Following a subsequent break down in Arab rule, semi-independent states began to form.The story of Afghanistan is in so many ways a very tragic one.Afghanistan is one of the most impoverished nations of the world.

They did subsequently withdraw, but not before they set up a puppet ruler and forced the country to hand over control of its foreign affairs to Britain.

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Tribal wars self updating map maker introduction

Tribal wars self updating map maker

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