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It’s a great scheme, for many of the same reasons that the speed option is a great scheme: it’s simple, wonderful, and, maybe most of all, it’s inexpensive as it can be added to a variety of existing blocking schemes.Like all option schemes, its ongoing success will be based on the guys running it.Autophosphorylation is the process in which a kinase attaches a phosphate group to itself.When Ca MKII autophosphorylates, it becomes persistently active.

(Again, this defensive concept only works because the defensive end crashes while the linebackers “scrape”; if the defensive end the linebackers widened, the quarterback would simply keep the ball for a big play.) Indeed, even on the clip above, Purdue’s tight-end should have kept on his original path and blocked at least one of the linebackers.Instead he tried to turn around and block the crashing defensive end, despite the quarterback having already given the ball.And in any event, it’s one thing if the defense wants to play scrape-exchange games on the backside, but playing them on the frontside against good teams is dangerous business, opening up all manner of base run plays.Indeed, since he hadn’t yet seen the tape Steele wasn’t even certain of how to label the concept, but he noted that it had been a significant factor in TCU’s victory: TCU quarterback Andy Dalton found almost all of his success on the ground on Saturday by employing a new play that the Clemson coaching staff had not seen on film, and Dalton seemed to run almost at will through the line of scrimmage and beyond. Big 10 teams like Ohio State and Purdue (to use two on the opposite end of the spectrum) used it; it spread across conferences like the WAC and Conference USA; in the first part of the season, Nebraska’s Taylor Martinez racked up tons of yards with this play, most notably going for 240 yards against Kansas State on primetime; and, finally, Cam Newton rode the play to over 1,400 yards rushing, a Heisman trophy, and a national championship. “Not to get too technical, but on the zone read, the quarterback fakes to the running back going this way and the quarterback goes the other way,” Steele said.

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Unblocked cam introduction

Unblocked cam

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