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“Well he is pleading guilty; without representation he is at the mercy of the court, which is a foolhardy action, brought about I believe, because he is full of remorse and intends to not make the same mistake again.” She paused. do you both think.” The senior judge looked at her companion, a smile spreading across her face.“I really do believe that he is full of remorse.” “Well there is not a lot we can do. that we get belligerent, obvious diehard drinkers that get caught on their thousandth journey, having got away with it time and time again… including of course delaying things for as long as possible by waiting for a doctor, whom they hope will be on another call…oh well.” Constance read the pre-court report as she pretended to consider what to do. He lost both parents in a car accident last year and has been living in an apartment by himself since then. “Sometimes Kate, I think you are heaven sent for this” I stood as straight as I could, I tried looking at the three female judges and then my cowardice took over and I hung my head in shame. I had no thought for the consequences or who I might have harmed…and no one to blame but myself.If too many turned up at one time they were left in the basement cells until they could be dealt with.I have a slim athletic body, good bone structure with brown eyes and straight thick dark brown hair. * Constance Hartman She had known, as soon as she saw him, what his fate would be.I think I was popular with the girl’s because somehow they felt I was non-threatening and could be handled easily. For Constance, his young good looks and slim well-proportioned body were all too few and far between in her courtroom. I deserve to be guilty…er I mean I am guilty and most dreadfully sorry.” I could not stop myself. and I drove so slowly er that the police car stopped me…” I could not stop my tears flowing as I rambled on. I could not help my tears I looked down at my feet and waited for the worst, hearing only the clackety clack from the machine of the court stenographer.

All that was known was that they were an effective method of curbing adolescent crime and that there were very few repeat offences. * I was determined that I should get this whole sorry mess over and done with. The cab dropped me off one street away, somehow I think the driver suspected where I was heading, but I walked quickly into a florist shop and waited until he had departed before making my way to Number 26/28 Arlett Street.I remembered all this and yet I had seen her, or thought I had seen her, for a mere instance… She had not dared look at her fellow justices as she had watched a naked teenager being soundly strapped by a woman police officer. For the state the financial benefits had been extraordinarily good.just a glimpse as she was reflected many times before becoming a pale image in the heavy toughened glass of the security counter. Instead of the cost of hundreds of staff to administer probation or run boot camps, thirty or so young women could process up to five offenders a day.She was quite sure that as senior judge her recommendations would be well heeded.Better than that, she knew that she was quite adept at sowing the seeds for someone else to make the right decision.

I suppose that it is no excuse that the limit has only been dropped for four days. He has no record of any kind and seems to be quite a responsible young man, apart from this.” The dark haired judge spoke, her voice low and thoughtful. “Stephen Woodrow Ryder.” I looked up as the clear voice of the senior judge addressed me.

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