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Validating textarea using javascript

The script is very simple to use and has almost all validation types built-in.Here is the client side form validation code: Once the contact form is submitted, the form submission data is sent to the script mentioned in the action attribute of the form (in our form).Rather than validating after each input, you might want the form to be validated only upon clicking the submit-button.This can be done using the that would validate entries to a form.Therefore, we need to validate on the server side as well.For client side validation, we will use the Free Java Script Form Validation Script.had not been written within a function it would simply have been performed as soon as the line was loaded by the browser.

It is better to do validations both on the client side and on the server side.The more the number of fields, the more reluctant your visitors will be to submit the form.The HTML code of the form is given below: In the contact form download, the form code is in the page.The ‘contact us’ form provides an easy interface through which your visitors can communicate to you.Your visitors can quickly submit their views, opinions and suggestions about your website , product or service.

or example you might have a pop-up asking the user to enter his name upon his first arrival to your page. Furthermore when the visitor leaves your page a cookie is storing the current date.

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Validating textarea using javascript introduction

Validating textarea using javascript

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